Online Law Student Essentials [on a budget]

Congrats! You are a 1L! That is fantastic and I am so happy for you! This will be quite a journey, so take your time and do some research about studying online as a law student. This post will give some guidance and tips while taking into consideration your finances because we all know how expensive being a law student is. So what do you NEED for the next three years of your life?

You may find out that what worked for you before in high school or college won’t work for law school and that’s ok. There is also the fact that now you are studying remotely, so you may have to go by trial and error until you find what is best for you.


Textbooks: The most expensive of all, but there are some options regarding how to get your textbooks. You can buy new or used, rent or buy a digital version. It all depends on how you like to study.

For my first year of law school, I purchased new and used books from websites. Now, I am renting because I don’t want to lose money when trying to resell them. Keep in mind that sometimes different professors teach using different materials, so you may not even be able to resell your books to other students on the following year.

Highlighters: If you are not renting your book, then highlighting will be your best friend. On my first year, I also wrote keywords on the margins to know what the cases were about. Trust me, that can be really useful on a cold call.

Notebooks: Some professor won’t allow you to use computers in their classroom, but if you are studying remotely that won’t be an issue.

I personally prefer to use my computer and iPad with Apple Pencil for handwritten notes, but more on that later.

Sticky Notes and Flags: Another best friend. I use so many sticky notes and flags to mark pages, specially because I don’t want to permanently mark my textbooks. I also use sticky notes on my outlines now, which is something I’ve only thought of doing after opting to study online full-time. More on that later in Outlining.

Noise-cancelling headphones: (optional) My boyfriend gave me really good headphones this year, and I have to say, I can’t study without them anymore. For one, the headphones cancel outside noise that would otherwise distract me while studying. However, I also use them for podcasts, music, and just silence when I need it. If you are like me, then you might find it useful to invest in good headphones too.

Taking Notes

I found that studying online is a whole other game. I set up a small TV as my monitor, connected my computer and bought a keyboard too. If there is anything that can make the long hours you will spend in front of the computer more comfortable, do it! You will spend the entire next semester there and it’s worth the investment.

Because I have a nice big screen, there is no issue in splitting my screen to fit different programs. I usually divide my screen on zoom and OneNote. Sometimes I use a third part of the screen for a digital version of the textbook if I have it. On OneNote, I have my briefed cases in black, while the notes I am taking during class are in a different color, like blue.

I usually use GoodNotes on my iPad with the Apple Pencil for a quick outlining, which I will explain on the next section. The iPad and Apple Pencil are fantastic tools to cut on printing when you need to download cases and make notes there. For that I use a free version of AdobeReader to read in PDF, download the cases from Westlaw, and make notes on the digital documents. A much more eco-friendly option.


Outlining is the most important thing you will be doing for exams. And it is even more important that you outline during the semester, making sure you understand each section of the course and take essay questions to practice your writing skills and knowledge.

I mentioned before that I’ve been using GoodNotes for quick outlines. What I mean by that is that after making my full typed outline, I write much shorter outlines for each course so I can make sure I understand the basic concepts. It looks like this:

Evidence Notes (2L course)

Another hack I learned this year after taking online exams is that you should use flags on your outline just in case you need to reference something while on the exam. It’s also convenient while you’re studying. So, for example, use flags and sticky-notes to mark Subject Matter Jurisdiction, Personal Jurisdiction, Venue, and so on and so forth on your outlines.

Lastly, create a Plan of Attack, attach it to your outline and flag it too! Creating a plan of attach for each course looks a little something like this:

  1. Is there a principal-agent relationship?
    • Restatement of the law (third) agency §1.01Gordon v. Doty
    • There must be some form of agreement [not necessarily a contract]
    • What did the parties say, what they did, how they acted, and their course of dealing over time
  2. Who are the players?
    • Principal
    • Agent
    • Third party
  3. Contract or Torts?

A Plan of Attack are the questions and answers you must evaluate when answering an essay question on your exam. Also, don’t worry about the content on this example because this is from my Business Organization class and you won’t learn this on your first year.

A Room of One’s Own

Points for you if you got the Virginia Wolf reference.

It is very important that you have a space to study and take your exams. Make sure you point your camera to a background that is not too distracting to your classmates and professors. Organize yourself as best as you can and keep as little distractions to yourself as possible.

If you need to share your study space with others (like I do), then it might be a good idea to invest in noise-cancelling headphones. I am one of those people who can only study with silence, so I invested in good noise-cancelling headphones and they have been essential to my routine (specially when my boyfriend decides to practice his guitar lessons in the same room as me).

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