The Best Planner/Calendar for Online Law School [on a budget]

There are so many choices for paper planners out there. From weekly, monthly or daily to thematic, such as for student, for self-care, zodiac or even blog planning. As much as I love paper and I’ve used paper planners in the past, the best version for online law school for me has been the digital Calendar from Apple.

This is my schedule for last semester

I like to color code my appointments. As you can see, I use purple for classes and blue for appointments related to school or studying. Orange is for personal appointments and green is for workouts/yoga, but I don’t need to add the green anymore because I don’t need to remind myself to go to a specific yoga class or such since I’ve been doing it all from home through YouTube (MadFit is one of my favorites) or Sweat. I didn’t have any personal events scheduled for that week, but I usually use them for doctor or dentist appointments (not many personal appointments since law school and Covid happened).


I set alerts for all of my classes for 10 or 15 minutes prior. That gives me time to pull up the materials I need, like books and notes, to get my water bottle and have a bathroom break before class. I also saved the zoom address for each class on the event, this way all I have to do is click when I am ready to join.

Sometimes professors will send you the invitation with all of this information to save it on your personal digital calendar.

Apple Calendar vs. Google Calendar

I use Apple Calendar because I have Apple products, iPhone, MacBook Air and iPad. All of my devices use the Apple Calendar and that makes things more convenient for me. But there are others who prefer using Google Calendar, specially if their school email is Gmail, which is also my case.

Google Calendar has a more approachable design and decorates your events with little banners. Even though this is much cuter, I personally prefer the efficient approach of Apple Calendars.

If you want more information on which calendar to choose, I suggest reading this article from Business Insider.

Other Digital Planners

If you have read my Online Law School Essentials [on a budget] article, you already know I use GoodNotes for my handwritten notes, specially when doing my quick outlines, but this app also offers pages for planners.

The planner on this image is from Liz Kohler Brown. She has a 2020-2021 Dated Digital Planner you can download and use its many features. She also teaches how to use the planner with videos.

There are other apps you can also check out. Click on the links to visit their pages:

Microsoft Calendar




Paper Planners

There’s nothing stopping you from using a paper planner, decorating it and making the best out of it. I used paper planners on my first year of law school and there were many other students who also used them.

However, my experience since going fully remote is that the Apple Calendar is more practical for my current lifestyle. Also, it saves me money from buying yet another school supply. It saves me time too, since I found out you can run out of time pretty quickly in law school if you don’t have good time-management skills.


I would love to know if this article was helpful to you or if you prefer other apps or planners. Let me know by commenting below.

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