December Shopping Ban Update

As promised on my Shopping Ban for One Year post, I will hold myself accountable by writing about my expenses on this blog.


In December, I rented two textbooks on Amazon:

  • Wills, Trusts, and Estates: $70
  • Modern Family Law: $137

I purchased snacks for a hiking trip: $30

I purchased a last minute birthday gift on Amazon, but I used a gift card. I also purchased a pizza cutter and pizza pan using the same Amazon credit. You can read my reflections on why this purchase was important to me by reading my Shopping Ban During Christmas post.

And I paid off all of my credit cards so I can control my finances better from now on.


On the plus side, I sold a bunch of books to SellBackYourBook: $254 (textbooks included). This served my savings purpose, but also my minimalist goals.

And I decided to change my Student The New York Times subscription to digital only. They had a promotion happening and it turns out I won’t need to pay the monthly $5 until March, which I must say, was a great deal!


Close call: I almost bought the same birthday gift I was giving someone else to myself. Fortunately, I contained myself and thought about the actual need of having that item and realized I didn’t really need it. This is the type of impulsive purchase I would normally make. I am glad that the shopping ban is already having a positive effect on me.

I decided to start this Shopping Ban on December 17, so it hasn’t really been a month yet. I anticipate there will be more challenges as the months pass by and I hope that sharing these challenges here will continue to make me reflect on what I actually need.


So, are you doing a shopping ban too? How is it paying off (pun intended)? Let me know on the comments.